Blacklisted: The Secret War Between Big Business and Union Activists - Phil Chamberlain

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"Blacklisting destroyed the lives of many workers and their families over the years. It took courage and determination to stand up to it and expose its operation. This book makes a significant contribution to telling the truth of the blacklist." - John McDonnell, MP

'I recommend people read this book. Just by picking up this book, just by reading it, you challenge what I believe to be a state and corporate spying culture that is out of control.' - Mark Thomas

'This book lifts the lid on blacklisting and on the decades of denials, lies and deceit by construction employers over the shameful treatment and damage to thousands of workers. This book should be read by all activists, who can play a vital role in holding the companies and their lieutenants accountable.' - Paul Kenny, General Secretary, GMB

'Well done to the authors for exposing this vile and violent aspect of capitalism. Of course, the bosses, supported as they are by the ruling class, are the real criminals; but they are protected by the state, unlike the workers.' - --Mary Davis, Professor of Labour History, Royal Holloway, University of London

Blacklistedis being exclusively serialized in The Guardian in February/March 2015

"Former undercover spy Peter Francis has revealed that a covert police unit that monitored political groups gathered intelligence on members of at least five trade unions. Below is his full statement that was read out by John McDonnell MP at a meeting in Parliament last night. The meeting was held to launch a new book - Blacklisted : the Secret War between Big Business and Union Activists." - -- The Guardian

About the Author

Dave Smith is a blacklisted union activist from the construction industry, and an award-winning campaigner on human rights, health and safety, anti-fascism and employment rights issues. He currently works as a trade union education tutor. Phil Chamberlain is an experienced investigative journalist who has written for the Guardian, Observer and the Independent amongst others. He is also a senior lecturer in journalism at the University of the West of England, Bristol.


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