Liberty is Strength - Lily Fitzsimons

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While then men and women protested and suffered in the prisons, relatives and friends of the Irish political prisoners, particularly the wives and mothers, took to the streets in protest of their sons, daughters and husbands. One of the most harrowing periods for the nationalist people was during the 1980 and 1981 hunger strike in the infamous H Blocks, Long Kesh and Armargh Women's Prison. The 1981 hunger strike which lasted from March 1st until September that year, ended with the death of ten young Republicans.


This book is dedicated tool the Irish women and their families, who refused to be silenced or broken. To all those women who have suffered so much, even, death, for their belief in the right to be free from British rule in any part of Ireland. And last but least to the Irish POW's who have been incarcerated in prisons throughout the world who had faith in us mothers, wives and relatives during the prison and street campaigns for the right to Political Status - Lily Fitzsimons


(No reviews yet) Write a Review