“Rebel Prods” The Forgotten Story of Protestant Radical Nationalists and the 1916 Rising

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Irish Republican

What contribution did Protestant radical nationalists make to the 1916 Rising? Who were the individual Protestants who took part? Why have they largely been forgotten?

This book provides the first overall study of the role of Protestant radical nationalists in planning, and participating in, the Easter rebellion and reveals that a far larger number were involved than previously known.
Rejecting the unionism of their communities, Protestant nationalists were radicalised in similar ways to their Catholic counterparts before 1916, through kinship and friendship networks and the Gaelic League, and held important roles in the IRB, the Irish Citizen Army and Cumann na mBan.

The revolutionary generation of 1916 spanned the deep religious divisions in the Ireland of the time – while still a predominantly Catholic uprising, the 1916 rebellion was more religiously diverse than its later historical image suggests. Based upon a range of detailed sources, this study reveals the significant collective contribution of Irish radical Protestants to the Rising and their fate in the new Irish Free State.

A graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, Dr Valerie Jones (1943–2014) was a lecturer at the Church of Ireland College of Education, Rathmines, and Diocesan Com–munications Officer for the Church of Ireland Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough. Her first book, A Gaelic Experiment: The Preparatory System 1926–1961 and Coláiste Moibhí, was published by Woodfield Press in 2006



(No reviews yet) Write a Review