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Change of mail service

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Due to ongoing problems with Royal Mail 'losing' our mail, we have reluctantly decided to seek alternative services.

This may mean a delay in your order being received. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however we believe its better for our customers and us, if your order actually gets to its destination.

Your support and understanding is appreciated.



Customer service

At Calton Books we strive hard to provide good quality products such as our own brand t-shirts, hoodies, badge & flags at an affordable price. We recognise that our supporters and friends work hard for their wages and as such they don't want to spend their hard earned money on poor quality items.We operate with [...]

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Royal Mail postage difficulties

We appear to have finally got over the difficulties we have experienced since January with regards to mail going "missing" once handed in directly to Royal Mail.We have changed our postage system which allows for every item to be recorded as being handed over electronically, which so far has been working appropriately.Thank you for your [...]

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Payment methods

We currently offer three ways to pay via our website which are Paypal, Apple Pay and checking out through our card provider service, supported by Stripe. None of your payment details are held on our website.

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Problems with Royal Mail

Over the past 12 weeks we have had a spate of orders going "missing" that have been packed and posted using a franked mail service and handed directly into the mail sorting office.We believe that a person or persons who have access to the mail are deliberately tampering with our mail, as it appears to [...]

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Adverse weather affecting deliveries and dispatch of orders

Due to the adverse weather over the last few days this has impacted on our deliveries to the shop (we have had to close) and our ability to then post online orders as timeously as normal.Please accept our apologies for the delays.

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Normal postage service has resumed

Normal postage service has resumed thank you for your patience.We are open five day's a week except Monday/Tuesday, as a result we are not able to post online orders on those days.

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Delay in posting orders

Apologies for any delay in posting out orders from week beginning 20th November until 27th November which is due to relocation of our additional storage space.Normal speedy service will resume from 28th November onwards.Thanks

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Please note we have two types of gift voucher available.Option 1. Online gift vouchers up to a maximum value of £50 can be purchased through the website but can ONLY be used to purchase items via our website.Option 2. Gift vouchers can be purchased from the shop but can ONLY be used in the shop [...]

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Deliveries out with the UK

We are aware that despite the fact that in most cases customer orders are being packed and dispatched within 48 hours, that there can be delays of at least two weeks for orders to arrive in various destinations of the World. Whilst this is not always the case, it does appear to be happening more [...]

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