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Spanish Civil War collection

This was a limited edition badge/pin produced for the Jim Stranney Memorial lecture held in Belfast on 26th February 2011.

Badges has the Spanish Republican flag colours with 3D image of Jim Stranney's face and small International Brigade red star logo and the text 'The Jim Stranney Memorial Lecture 2011'.
Badge has brooch fixing and is 30 mm in size.

Check out the words of Christy Moore's Viva La Quinte Brigada, which mentions Jim Stranney from the Falls..

The Belfast International Brigade Committee published the following information below:

James Stranney, Belfast, b. 1913?, d. 31st July 1938
Stranney arrived in Spain on September 20th 1937 from Birmingham.
He had a long history of class struggle behind him in Ireland. He was
one of the organisers of the Shankill Road James Connolly Workers
Republican Club, Bodenstown, 1934.
He arrived in Spain on September 20th 1937 with W O’Hanlon and
D Walsh. In Spain Stranney was a crewmember of No. 1 Gun Company
anti-tank battery of the British Batt, along with William O’Hanlon, in
Feb. 1938. Stranney went to an infantry company in April 1938.
Away from the horrors of the war he was one of the organisers of
the June 1938 Wolfe Tone Commemoration. He was reported Missing/
KIA 31st July 1938 at Cota 481, Gandesa.


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