Solidarity: Hidden Histories And Geographies Of Internationalism - David Featherstone

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In Solidarity, David Featherstone addresses a necessary and timely topic. Despite the frequency with which the word "solidarity" is invoked, it has in fact rarely been the subject of rigorous analysis. Instead, the forms that solidarities take are frequently taken as given. This book redresses this situation by drawing on an innovative combination of archival research, oral histories and first-hand participant observation with political movements. 

Throughout, Featherstone invokes a rich variety of case studies, from historical solidarities, such as the anti-slavery and anti-fascism movements, right up to present day concerns, such as the anti-corporate globalization movement, and climate change activism. In doing so, the book emphasizes international forms of solidarity which have frequently been marginalized by nation-centered histories of the left and social movements.

Wide-ranging and original, Solidarity is a fascinating investigation of an increasingly vital subject.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review