People Before Profit: The Future of Social Care in Scotland PDF version

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The horrific – and often avoidable - impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the lives of older people and disabled people in Scotland has thrown into sharp relief the inadequacies of our social care system. While the recent Report of the Independent Review of Social Care has identified some of the problems, its recommendations shrink back from confronting the real cancer at the heart of social care – its domination by market forces and by private providers such as HC One whose primary concern is with profit, not care.   

By contrast, this pamphlet, jointly published by the Social Work Action Network and the Jimmy Reid Foundation and with contributions by leading disabled activists, public sector trade unionists, frontline workers and campaigners including Neil Findlay MSP and journalist Kevin McKenna, calls for a publicly owned, controlled and funded national care service, where care workers and care users are in the driving seat.

The pamphlet can help shape the debate in the coming months over the kind of National Care Service we want to see in Scotland . Buy it, read it and order copies for your union branch, your college course or your organisation.