The End of Anarchism - Galleani

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New edition of Luigi Galleani's classic text, as translated by Max Sitrin and Robert D'Attilio.

"Anarchism rejects authority in any form. To the principle of representation, it opposes the direct and independent action of individuals and masses: rebellion, insurrection, the general strike, the social revolution. Now and always."

The End of Anarchism?, first published as a volume in 1925, is an expanded version of a series of articles that appeared under the same title some twenty years earlier—in Cronaca Sovversiva—as a reply to an assertion by a former militant, Saverio Merlino, that the anarchist movement was no longer vital or significant. Initially conceived as a rebuttal, it developed into an eloquent exposition of Galleani's own concept of anarchist-communism, his most organic theoretical work—“a lucid statement of the ever present problems of anarchism in relation to the would-be revolutionary movements" in the words of Errico Malatesta.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review