The Strike of the Glasgow Weavers - 1787

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In 1787, Scotland's first major industrial dispute was a strike by the weavers of the Calton area, for better conditions and wage rises. The strike was cruelly crushed by the militia, serving the interests of the ruling class, when troops opened fire on demonstrators, killing three instantly, with a further three later dying of their wounds.

These six became our first working class martyrs - nearly 50 years before the deportation of those who gathered in Tolpuddle in England - yet the Calton Weavers are now largely forgotten. Their organisation and courage inspired an emerging working class with weavers from Ayrshire, Renfrewshire and across what would become Glasgow.

They joined forces and refused to bow to the bosses might.

In this book.

Foreword by Roz Foyer, STUC General Secretary

'The Strike of the Glasgow Weavers - 1787' by Elspeth King

'Calton Weavers' Memorial - 1787' by Harry McShane