Trans Like Me : A Journey for All of Us

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This personal, powerful and yet humble human testimony makes a vital contribution to a debate that has too often contained more heat than light. I challenge anyone not to have both heart and mind a little more open after reading this book (Shami Chakrabarti)

CN Lester breaks down the myths and misconceptions about trans people and politics with clarity and calm. An important, timely book (Juliet Jacques)

Lester is a writer for our times - a moving, learned and essential voice at the razor edge of gender politics. Their work has been inspirational to me for many years. Lester writes with the compassionate authority of a person not just wise beyond their years, but beyond the age they were born into (Laurie Penny)

A thoughtprovoking account that blends personal experience with wider historical and social insight (New Internationalist)

CN Lester's Trans Like Me is a clear, compassionate and infinitely readable overview of the ways society does gender (Marylebone Journal)

The subtleties of CN Lester's own account are incredibly moving and only serve to reinforce the message that so many amongst us struggle, and will continue to do so . . . Trans Like Me is a clarion call, but to us all (GCN)

Frank, witty and educational (Stylist)

One of the year's most important books on transgender identity (Gay Times)

[A] timely collection of essays on the trans experience, bringing together anecdotes from CN Lester's own life, alongside an analysis of the media, and forgotten moments of LGBT history, always with an activist's eye for the marginalised or ignored. Lester's writing is refreshing and accessible (Diva)

In this collection of essays, Lester, a British activist and singer-songwriter who identifies as nonbinary, draws from research and personal experience to question and debunk myths related to transgender identity. Lester finds precedent for the use of the pronoun "they" in literature as far back as Shakespeare, for instance, and argues that transgender people have been largely excluded from historical narratives and movements. The book also offers an insider's look at Lester's evolving understanding of gender in our society and personal struggles with self-identification (New York Times)

An agenda-setting, emotionally engaging book on transgender identity.